About (Personal)

I was born in Singapore. My mother was born in Fuzhou and my father was born in Shanghai. They migrated to Singapore separately, got married, and I was born. I have two siblings, both younger brothers.

I was born again when I was a middle school student, received Christ and became a born-again Christian. I was baptized while at middle school.

I received my kindergarten education at Nanyang Kindergarten, my elementary education at Nanyang Primary School, my middle school education at Chinese High School, my high school education at National Junior College, my undergraduate education (electrical engineering) at the National University of Singapore, and my graduate education (MS and PhD) (computer engineering) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

After my undergraduate education, I worked briefly at Hewlett Packard (Singapore) as a product engineer and as a process engineer. After my graduate education, I worked at Santa Clara University (U.S.A), first as an assistant professor, later as an associate professor,  then as a professor, now as a university endowed chair professor (first as Sanfilippo Family Professor, then as Wilmot J. Nicholson Family Professor). I have served in the university’s school of engineering as an associate dean for graduate studies and research, then as an associate dean for research and faculty development, and now as the department chair for the department of computer science and engineering (formerly the department of computer engineering).

I won many prizes at school. At elementary school (primary school), I won calligraphy and essay competitions (1st place) at 3rd grade, at the school level and so on. At middle school (secondary school), I mathematics competition (top place) and more at the school level. More importantly, at the national level, I won the RTV national day bilingual oratorical contest on national TV (1st place), geography contest (3rd individual, 1st team), translation competition (honorable mention), mathematics competition (honorable mention). I was also selected to be among the top in the Chines newspaper best student award (Chinese schools) nationally. When I entered high school I received the Lee Kuan Yew Book Prize.

In Singapore I attended the Foochow Methodist Church. In Louisiana I attended the First Baptist Church of Lafayette. In the Bay Area I attended the Lord’s Grace Church, and now the Chinese Church in Christ in Mountain View. I serve as sermon translator.





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