Adventure Photos

Here are some of the unique adventures I have experienced.

Smearing with Dead Sea mud (beneficial for skin and health) all over, and floating comfortably on the Dead Sea (with its surface and shores 430.5 m below sea level, Dead Sea is earth’s lowest elevation on land. Its salinity is 34%, 10 times saltier than sea water, which makes swimming similar to floating.), in Jordan (Dec 2019):

Smearing with Dead Sea mud and floating comfortably on the Dead Sea

Christmas Eve Silent Night at the Church of the Nativity and Manger Square, Bethlehem, Israel/West Bank (Dec 2019):


Riding a Bactrian camel 双峰骆驼 at Flaming Mountains 火焰山, Turpan 吐鲁番, Xinjiang 新疆, China 中国 (Nov 2019):


Driving a 5G remotely-operated car 5G 远程驾驶 (built by Lanzhou U) for the first time, (Nov 2019):

NOV2019 269

Only me in the business class in high-speed bullet train from Xi’an 西安 to Lanzhou 兰州, China 中国 (Nov 2019):


Touching wild lions in Zimbabwe (Oct 2018):

OCT2018 1004

Visiting the Cape of Good Hope, the most southwestern point of the African continent, in South Africa (Oct 2018):

OCT2018 377

Parasailing in the Gulf of Thailand, near Ko Samet Island, Thailand (Aug 2017):


Visiting the cockpit of the new Embraer E175 aircraft in Denver, USA (Mar 2017):

MAR2017 281

Traveling with a body guard in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Dec 2016):

DEC2016-JAN2017 279

Riding a rickshaw in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Dec 2016):

DEC2016-JAN2017 148

Touching moon rocks in The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow, Russia (Aug 2016):

AUG2016 375

Blowing a Murut blowpipe in Sabah, Malaysia (Dec 2015):


In Burj Khalifa, climbing the world’s tallest building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Sep 2015):

SEP2015 061

Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean at Maldives (Aug 2015):


Visiting Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca), the westernmost point of continental Europe, in Portugal (May 2015):

MAY2015 423

Visiting Mount Merapi, the most active volcano in Indonesia, in Java, Indonesia (Sep 2014):

SEP2014 361

Holding a giant Mongolian eagle (very heavy) in front of Chinggis Khaan Statue, Tsonjin Boldog, Mongolia (Jul 2014):

JUL2014 034

Driving a jeep at Mingsha Shan 鸣沙山 of Gobi Desert 戈壁沙漠, China (Apr 2014):

APR2014 176

Driving an electric land rover in Yellow River Stone Forest 黄河石林, Gansu 甘肃, China (Aug 2012):

AUG2012 279

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